We did it

the eco way

"A society grows great when its men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

We did not plant trees, but we did it in the most unconventional way that has never been done since man discovered fire. We decided to protect the trees by creating an alternative product that is better, more reliable and extremely efficient to replace wood charcoal. We called it Coco Nara!


To make our charcoal from the shells of the coconut fruits in order to reduce the cutting of trees worldwide.
We have developed a great alternative to wood charcoal. We kept our charcoal 100% coconut shell, 100% natural and 100% Eco Friendly. We made it odorless, smokeless, tasteless and we called it Coco Nara™


To ensure that our customers can contribute directly and indirectly to the preservation of trees at the destination markets and the rain forests in the coutry of origin. Using Coco Nara™ will always ensure that
"Not a single tree was cut to make this product"

The Mother Company

"Since the beginning of project Coco Nara™, our target was to become the leading brand of natural charcoal, worldwide. A charcoal that has a name and a fame. We knew that in order to succeed, we needed to evolve, improve, listen, analyze, execute, and then evolve again".
CEO, Sharbel Dabaghy
Beirut Eco Traders

The Manufacturing Company

"To ensure that our targets are all met, to make sure that our product quality meets the highest of standards and to remain the world`s leading brand, we have decided to heavily invest in the expansion of our production facilities in Indonesia since 2006. Since then we have been producing the worlds finest charcoal, Coco Nara™".
CEO, Sharbel Dabaghy

The Trading Company

"A great product deserves good marketing and proper exposure. We have created the company that bets on the success of the brand the same way it bets on its survival and growth, and we called it BETS. Since 2006, Coco Nara™ had proven its instant success and it still does"
CEO, Sharbel Dabaghy
How did we make it

How did we make it?

Winning awards and customer votes has been the most rewarding gift to our efforts. We have been voted best product of the year in more than 12 countries, best customer choice in 14. We have been voted best Eco Friendly product, and most creative natural product. See more

We Lead They Follow

Since 2005, our expansion has been progressive and our charcoal map has been expanding yearly if not monthly, and we are making the world shift to the Cube.
We have been expanding in the Middle East and the Gulf region, in Africa, Europe, Russia, in USA and many other growing markets.
Join us now and have our leading brand in your portfolio. See more