The History

of Coco Nara

Since 2005, we have been working on our progress and expansion. Like every road to success, ours was not an easy one, but we got throught it all and we became, as once planned, the leading company in coconut shell charcoal worldwide.
Sharbel Dabaghy
Sharbel Dabaghy
CEO & Founder
Sharbel Dabaghy, CEO and Founder of Beirut Eco Traders, Pionara and BETS Offshore, is the man behind the legends of Coco Nara™ and Coco Mazaya™.

With more than fifteen years of experience, Sharbel Dabaghy has become known internationally for his vision in defining the new standards for charcoal in the world.

Sharbel Dabaghy’s story began in 2002 when he envisioned and started to develop an eco-friendly charcoal, which ended up in the shape of a cube, made from the shells of the coconut fruits and which was to become a solution for the growing hookah industry worldwide.

Raed Haidar
Raed Haidar
Partner & Cofounder
In 2004, the project had reached completion and in 2005, Coco Nara™ saw the light, and efforts were joined with Raed Haidar, Partner and Cofounder, and the success story started expanding.

Later in 2010 Sharbel Dabaghy introduced Coco Mazaya™, to prove later that it was the next leading brand.

The companies Sharbel Dabaghy has founded together with Raed Haidar, including the new growing giant Master Sales LLC, would come to dominate the American market. In less than 10 years the two partners, Sharbel Dabaghy and Raed Haidar, have revolutionized the perception of charcoal and its applications worldwide.

As an entrepreneur, Sharbel Dabaghy keeps his companies ahead of the competition, through creativity and continuous innovation, along with upholding the trust of both clients and employees.

Today Sharbel Dabaghy manages more than 2,000 employees, across the globe, fulfilling all roles to stringently meet all customer demands and to maintain the product at the highest of international standards.

Brand History

Logo Philosophy

Coco : is an indicative description to the material from which charcoal is made as the product was made from coconut shell. We needed to help people grasp the idea by adding this term to the name since people were always used to wood charcoal and using the term coco would help them know its not from wood.

Nara : this word doesn't exist in written Arabic but only in spoken language. It represents a glowing piece of charcoal. but when you say nara, people know that its directly related to the hookah.

So, the combination of both words became perfectly distinctive to the customers familiar with hookah.

The logo comprised of the word coco written in coconut shells forming the letters C and O as full and half shells.. The word nara just in Latin English font NARA. The picture of the logo is the word nara written in Arabic calligraphy and drawn in the shape of a flame burning and rising above a half shell of coconut making the picture represent the heat coming from the burning coconut shell.

The logo in its written words and designed form was done in Lebanon, and was created by Sharbel and designed in Lebanon in the year 2005 and later registered in 2006.
Logo Idea

Package Evolution

Original Design of Coco Nara package design
Brown - Green theme
4 Color Printing
CocoNara Package Design
First Overhaul of Coco Nara package design
Blue - Yellow theme
4 Color printing
CocoNara Package Design
Second Overhaul of Coco Nara package design
Orange - Blue theme

Authenticity of Product
5 Color Printing
No Lamination
Spot UV

Golden Seal label

Hologram on outer box
CocoNara Package Design
Golden Seal

Warning to all customers - Authenticity of Product

There are many companies or people who claim to be the real suppliers of Coco Nara™, be careful not to be deceived by the appealing offers they may make or the shiny prices, at the end every thing comes at a price.
We have been contacted by many people visiting our website and claiming that they received bad quality, and we found out that they did not buy from us, but rather from some impersonating party that gave them an appealing offer!

If you ever want to order Coco Nara™ from any supplier ask for the following documents
1. Trademark registration copy (should be under the name of Sharbel Dabaghy - dated 2006)
2. Company Registration papers (should be BETS or Pionara... else you are being cheated!!)
3. Certificate of Natural Product
4. Lab Certificate
5. Sample package
6. Sample sealing sticker
7. Sample Hologram sticker
8. Bank Account name (should be BETS or Pionara Accounts... else you are being cheated!!)
How did we make it

How did we make it?

Winning awards and customer votes has been the most rewarding gift to our efforts. We have been voted best product of the year in more than 12 countries, best customer choice in 14. We have been voted best Eco Friendly product, and most creative natural product. See more

We Lead They Follow

Since 2005, our expansion has been progressive and our charcoal map has been expanding yearly if not monthly, and we are making the world shift to the Cube.
We have been expanding in the Middle East and the Gulf region, in Africa, Europe, Russia, in USA and many other growing markets.
Join us now and have our leading brand in your portfolio. See more